seven-alarm chinatown fire leaves 200 homeless

A fire broke out Sunday night in New York's Chinatown, killing an 87-year-old man, injuring 33 people and leaving 200 homeless. It's apparently the city's worst fire in years: Before City's Worst Fire in Years, History of Neglect.
Late Monday night, firefighters recovered the body of a missing 87-year-old man from the top floor of one of the three buildings where the fire had spread. Earlier, they had been unable to get into the building to search because of the danger of a collapse, but at 8:20 p.m., they found the body of a man identified by his relatives as Sing Ho.

At its peak, the fire was visible from across the East River. Hundreds of tenants were evacuated; it was a seven-alarm blaze, drawing some 250 firefighters to battle it. Fire officials said it was the largest blaze in the city in more than two years.

By the time the fire was under control, about 2:15 a.m. on Monday, some 200 people had been left homeless and dozens had been injured.
Investigators were trying to determine what started the fire, but even before the blaze, the Chinatown building reportedly had a history of violations for hazardous conditions, including missing smoke detectors, lead paint and other problems. More here: Chinatown building engulfed in 7-alarm fire that left 200 homeless had history of violations.

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