16-year-old kid graduates from rutgers university

Whoa. Check out this story from a few weeks back about Kyle Loh, who, at 16-years-old, became one of the young students to ever graduate from Rutgers University: Mendham Township 16-year-old boy is among youngest to graduate from Rutgers University. Smart kid:
At age 3, Kyle Loh shocked his nursery school teachers when he started reading to the class. At 5, he tested off the charts on his kindergarten IQ test.

By 12, he was enrolling in college classes. At 14, he was spending his summer doing stem cell research at Harvard. Today, at age 16, he donned a cap and gown and became one of the youngest students to ever graduate from Rutgers University.

But Kyle is quick to dismiss any notion that being a child prodigy means he missed out on being a kid.

"If childhood refers to having a good time, then I definitely had it," Kyle said. "I think I lived it to the fullest."
Wise kid, too. He graduated with a 3.9-grade point average, majoring in cell biology and neuroscience. His next goal: getting his doctorate... and his driver's license. One thing at a time, kid.

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