family threatens to kill harry potter actress

This is crazy... Actress Afshan Azad, who played Padma Patil in the Harry Potter movies, was allegedly the subject of a murder plot... by her own family. Azad's father, Abdul, and brother, Ashraf, were charged with threatening to murder her: 'Harry Potter' Actress' Family Reportedly Charged With Threatening To Kill Her. They apparently disapproved of her relationship with a Hindu man:
Abdul Azad, 54, and his son Ashraf, 28, are accused of attacking actress Afshan Azad earlier this month because of her relationship with a Hindu man, a spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said. The family is Muslim.

The father and brother appeared at Manchester Magistrate's Court on Wednesday and were released on conditional bail, said the spokesman, who could not be named in line with policy.

Bail conditions include a curfew and ban on traveling to London, the Manchester Evening News reported.

The alleged attack happened May 21. The father and brother are charged with threatening to kill the actress, and her brother is also charged with assault, the prosecutors' spokesman said.
Afshan has previously appeared in three Potter movies and will next be seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Her father and brother are scheduled to appear in court next on July 12. More here: Afshan Azad's Family Tries To KILL Her: 'Harry Potter' Star's Brother & Father Attack.

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