patrick gallagher getting dropped from glee

It looks like we won't be seeing much more of Coach Tanaka on Glee. Patrick Gallagher, who played the lovesick football coach on the hit Fox comedy, has reportedly been dropped from the series: Say Goodbye to Coach Tanaka, 'Glee' Fans. His character has apparently been written out to make room for another character -- a female football coach:
Yesterday, TV Guide reported the addition of Dot Jones in the recurring role of a female football coach, leaving audiences to assume she'd be working with our favorite lovesick coach, but now comes word from the same source that Gallagher has been dropped from the series.

A bit weird to announce his replacement before his departure, right?

According to TV Guide, Coach Tanaka has not been written into the new season's first episodes, leading us to believe his character served his purpose by falling in love with Emma and having her stolen by his best friend, Will. What does this mean for the new season of 'Glee'?
It seems that Patrick Gallagher's role as the wrinkle in the Will/Emma storyline has pretty much run its course, with Coach Tanaka barely appearing in the second half of Glee's first season.

Alas, that's one less Asian character on a show that has a bunch, at least hanging around on the sidelines. At least we can look forward to seeing 18-year-old Filipina singing sensation Charice's smiling, botoxed face in season two.

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