"project lotus": the next great pan-asian pop girl group?

"Project Lotus" is a plan to bring the next great girl group to the world. According to Variety, Hong Kong-based FarWest Entertainment has teamed with British songwriter/producer Eliot Kennedy to create "a pan-Asian, English-singing group of five women between the ages of 18-25": Project Lotus pops pan-Asian fusion.
The impresarios know that it's the music that matters, so they recently held a weeklong songwriting camp at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios in the U.K., inviting songwriters such as Gary Barlow and Shaznay Lewis to pen some ditties.

Selecting the performers is the next step. Besides using Facebook, YouTube and the Project Lotus website (projectlotus.tv) to cull applications, they've set up live auditions in Mumbai, Manila, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and Hong Kong.

Some 25 finalists will be trained in Hong Kong, and the process of whittling them down to five will be filmed for a TV series produced by Brian Grant.
It seems that they're aiming for this to be a super pan-Asian effort, no doubt for true international marketability. And of course, a good girl group cannot be assembled without the requisite reality TV series. But dude, please tell me that "Project Lotus" is not the name of the group. That's just awful.

A quick Google search reveals some more information here: Global Girl Band Auditions. That's great and all, but I think I'll stick to my favorite pan-Asian girl group of the moment, the pop gals of Umamiya. (Thanks, Joe.)

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