csun students engage community over professor's sex tourism website

Earlier this month, a coalition of student organizations at Cal State University Northridge held a Forum on Human Trafficking. The event was organized largely in response to news about CSUN economic professor Kenneth Ng, who apparently runs a Thai sex tourism website in his spare time, promoting advice to American tourists interested in meeting young Thai women.

Overall, the forum was a success, with over 350 in attendance. However, on that very same day, the school newspaper The Daily Sundial published an opinion piece written by none other than Kenneth Ng, in defense of his website. Basically, publishing the article that day allowed Ng to respond to the forum: Prof. Kenneth Ng speaks, defends controversial website.

Students from AACT (Asian Americans for Community and Talent) responded to Ng's opinion piece with a letter to the editor at the The Daily Sundial: Letter to the editor: students respond to professor Ng's defense of BigBabyKenny.com.

Ng denies his site has anything to do with sex tourism, and claims it's mainly about "discussing and photographically documenting marriage, dating, love, and sex in Thailand and Asia." Ah, I see. So it's more like, um, a sociological endeavor? Or something.

I guess I just have a hard time believing that from a guy whose website's tagline once claimed, "Learn how to get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently in the Thailand Girl Scene." Yup. That's classy.

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