Future China will laugh at your downfall, America

This political ad is some 'Red Dawn' shit.

Holy crap. This new political ad, titled "Chinese Professor" and paid for by "Citizens Against Government Waste," is running on some serious Red Menace juice, and has to be one of the most racist and xenophobic pieces of fear-mongering propaganda I've ever seen. Just watch:

You have to hand it to them -- this is the ad everyone's going to be talking about. It's slick, well-produced, and takes the average American fear of ever-encroaching China to another level. This is some Red Dawn shit.

The futuristic classroom setting. The smirking professor. The evil yellow peril laughter at the end. It's frightening, and is going to hit all the right nerves with Joe America. If you weren't already scared of a China-dominated future, this ought to do it.

The most brilliant thing is, it never once actually blames the Chinese for anything. Instead, it foretells a future in which America is responsible for its own undoing -- China's just there to laugh in our faces.

More here: The Phenomenal "Chinese Professor" Ad.

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