86-year-old woman dies after being pushed on to train tracks

Shocking, senseless death... In Los Angeles, authorities are investigating the death of an 86-year-old woman who was found injured on a Metro Gold Line platform in Little Tokyo. According to witnesses, Jackkqueline Pogue pushed Betty Sugiyama from the platform onto the tracks, for no apparent reason: Death on Gold Line platform began as shopping trip.

They were almost there when Mary spotted a heavyset woman, dressed entirely in black, sitting alone on a bench near the tracks. As the sisters passed, the stranger suddenly leaped to her feet and shouted, then extended both arms and shoved Betty onto the tracks, police said.

Mary heard her sister's skull crack. The woman in black sat down on the bench.

Hours later, Betty, 84, died of her injuries at a nearby hospital. Homicide detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department are still investigating the attack, but have not been able to determine a motive to explain why the woman allegedly lashed out without being provoked. Authorities discovered Jackkqueline Pogue, 44, still on the platform. She was booked on charges of attempted murder, with bail set at $1 million.
During World War II, Sugiyama and her family were held at an internment camp in Wyoming. After the war, she worked at various Little Tokyo bookstores for several decades before she retired. On this particular day, she was out to go shopping with her sister. And then she dies like this? It doesn't make any sense. More here: Woman, 86, pushed onto Metro tracks, dies.

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