research study: stories of adult transnational adoptees and their american parents

I recently heard from Charlie Ritts, the Vice President of Korean Adoptees of Hawai'i, who's working with her mom on a book on transnational adoptees and their American parents. She's currently conducting research and is putting a call out to adult transnational adoptees or the adoptive parents of an adult transnational adoptee to participate in a study. Here's the his blurb:
If you are an adult transnational adoptee or the adoptive parent of an adult transnational adoptee and you would like to take part in this research, we welcome your participation.

VISIT our website to find out more about this study, access the surveys, or send requests to be interviewed: http://transnational-adoptee-parent-study.webs.com/
You can also help by spreading the word adult adoptees, adoptive parents and/or non-adoptees who may be interested in having their story collected as part of this research. For more information, and to take the online survey, go here: Stories of Adult Transnational Adoptees and their American Parents.

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