sex ray vision: "america's next popstars might be computer science nerds from stanford"

Sex Ray Vision, aka Ravi and Brian, are two Stanford University students "who just want to rock your world." Their music dropped in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago making some pretty bold claims (subject line: "America's next popstars might be Computer Science nerds from Stanford"). It took me a while to get around to giving them a listen, but I'm diggin' it. Some solid electronic pop. You can listen to a sampling of their best songs here.

And because I can't get this damn song out of my head... here's Sex Ray Vision's flipped out remix of Rebecca Black's "Friday":

They've somehow managed to take a terrible crap tune and turn it into a pretty decent, catchy track. Can't wait to hear more from these guys. For more from Sex Ray Vision and their music (all of their song area available as free downloads), check out their website here. They're also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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