another awful trailer for the chin chens

Remember that awful teaser trailer for the Asian American-themed sitcom The Chin Chens that got posted a few months back? After all the negative hype, the trailer was eventually yanked from YouTube. But if you want to subject yourself to some more Chin Chens, a helpful reader brings this extended demo trailer to my attention. I didn't think it could get any worse... but just take a listen to that theme song:

Looks like this video was uploaded back in March. I wish I had remained oblivious to it, because it is not good. I was kind of hoping that original trailer was just an unfortunate selection of bad bits strewn together. But the more you watch, the worse it actually gets.

Believe me, you know I would love to see a funny and well-written Asian American sitcom on television... but man, this is definitely not it. (Thanks, David.)

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