boycott aladdin: disneyland edition

The fight for America continues. And by fight for America, I mean the effort to Boycott Aladdin. Yes, Disney's Aladdin, the biggest terrorist of them all. Last time, Tea Party Youth LA took the streets to spread the word about Disney's animated musical Muslim menace. In episode two, the team goes into the bowels of darkness -- Disneyland:

Fight for justice and boycott Aladdin once and for all!

Okay, if you're not in on the joke, before you freak out, you should know that this whole thing is actually staged, and created by comedy writer Sameer Asad Gardezi as a response to that ridiculous and hateful anti-Muslim rally that took place earlier this year in Yorba Linda, California -- where Sameer actually grew up.

I can't wait for the next episode, when we'll get to hear from an actual Tea Party member dropping some knowledge about Muslims. For more on the movement, and to join the fight, go to the Boycott Aladdin Facebook page.

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