fund this: indie feature film elevator

Just passing along word about another film project that could use some help with funding... Elevator is an ipcoming independent feature film from Nine Finger Productions about two strangers with troubled who find solace from one another in the unlikeliest of places.

They're trying to raise some cash toward the production and development of the film, so they're doing the Kickstarter thing and putting a call out to you, the generous indie film-supporting soul, to help make it happen. Here's some more information about the film:
Elevator is a planned feature length film by Nine Finger Productions. Hovering between coincidental circumstance and twisted fate, the film forcefully brings together two strangers with troubled lives, who find solace in each other despite their vastly different backgrounds. Naomi, a headstrong but fragile expectant mother, leaves her small town in Japan for New York City with the firm intention of making her highflying boyfriend her husband.

Upon her arrival she heartbreakingly discovers his lack of commitment to her and his unborn child. Embarrassed and disappointed by her own naiveté despite her parents’ stern warnings, she makes a quick exit, only to find herself stranded in the elevator.

Emotionally drained by her mistakes and seriously doubting her ability to raise a child on her own, Naomi breaks down to the dismay of Vito, a fast-talking New Yorker with no tolerance for tears who is also stuck in the elevator adjacent to her.

Like Naomi, the loner Vito is running away from his past mistakes, the most recent being a botched drug deal that left him wounded with two cops hot on his tail. Both are having the worst day of their lives and have no tolerance for one another.

Despite getting off to a rocky start, Naomi and Vito begrudgingly interact and slowly discover in each other what they desperately want: strength and will in Naomi and love and the stability of a family in Vito?
It sounds like a pretty ambitious project, but I'm all for indie filmmakers doing what they've got to do to make their vision a reality. The project got a fundraising goal of $11,111 with just a few more days to go -- as I write this, they're almost there. For more information about Nine Finger Productions, go here. For more information about Elevator, and to pledge, go to theKickstarter page here.

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