what I'm listening to: when you grow up by priscilla ahn

At long last! Singer/songwriter Priscilla Ahn's new album When You Grow Up is now available from Blue Note Records. I'm a huge fan of her debut album A Good Day, so I've been eagerly awaiting the release of her follow-up -- and now it's here! Just got my copy. I've been listening to it nonstop, and it's quite lovely. Here's a video of Priscilla performing one of the songs, "Oo La La," with Alex Lilly and Eleni Mandell:

The album, as the title suggests, sort of represents Priscilla's growth as an artist while still keeping it decidedly playful through and through. I seriously grew to love all the songs on A Good Day on a downright intimate level, so I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with these tracks. And of course, there's Priscilla's voice. Downright angelic.

When You Grow Up is available from Amazon and iTunes, as well as all the usual places you purchase your music. For more information about Priscilla Ahn and her music, including videos and a preview of the album, go to her official website here and her Facebook page here.

UPDATE: Check out this video of Priscilla Ahn performing "Dream" with ballerina Patricia Zhou this week on Dancing with the Stars:

Wish she got to play the whole song, but that's TV.

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