target commercial: trail mix

Is it me, or is Target on a roll? At least, when it comes to putting Asian American actors in their advertising... A nice hike takes a turn for the worse, in yet another great television ad featuring some Asian faces, front and center: Trail Mix. Take a look:

Anybody recognize the actors? Just want to give credit where it's due. (UPDATE: The actors are Mike Park and Jennifer Del Rosario.)

This is just the latest in a significant number of Target commercials -- yeah, I know, it's Target -- featuring fun and non-stereotypical portrayals of Asians. Progress? The one with Shannon the Supermom is still my favorite.

Perhaps they're responding to the positive feedback they've received from previous commercials? They're short little blasts of screen time, but I think the trend is interesting, considering they're basically employing Asian faces to sell toothpaste and M&Ms to Joe Regular America. (Thanks, Cindy.)

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