what I'm listening to: red roses by a.j. rafael

It's been out for a couple of weeks, but after hearing all sorts of buzz, I finally picked up Red Roses, the latest full-length album from popular YouTube musician A.J. Rafael. And I'm really digging it.

Independently produced, the album has made a huge splash on the iTunes charts and reportedly sold out units at retail stores like Target and Best Buy. Not bad for the guy who's been serenading to you via webcam.

Here's a sneak peek at A.J.'s upcoming music video, "Without You":

The album's nicely produced, with a great pop-rock sound. A.J.'s got a great voice, and he's a solid songwriter, with the kind of neatly crafted tunes that leave you wondering why the heck his songs aren't playing all over the radio.

Red Roses is available from all the usual online spots, including Amazon and iTunes, as well as select Best Buy and Target stores. For more information on A.J. Rafael and his music, check out his Facebook page here and his YouTube channel here.

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