martin hsu: "when data met byte"

More rad art from our friend Martin Hsu... This is a piece he created for an upcoming show, Crazy 4 Cult at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. It's basically a giant group show of artists paying tribute to their favorite cult movies. Martin's piece is called "When Data Met Byte," inspired by one of his favorite movie characters, Data from The Goonies. Martin explains:
This year I decided to represent and give shootouts to all the tech geeks out there who deserve to find true love. One of the most outstanding in my mind has got to be Data from The Goonies! I still remember watching it for the first time in Taiwan which inspired many adventures with my cousins.

My piece "When Data Met Byte" illustrates the first encounter between Data and his soulmate, Byte. The outcome of this romantic gathering might be uncertain, but as Data will find out about life that fate strikes fast, puberty hits hard, and love hurts a lot.
It's a pretty cool piece, paying tribute to one of the great cinema adventure heroes of the 1980s. Check out Crazy 4 Cult at Gallery1988 on Melrose in Los Angeles, July 8-30, with an opening reception this Friday. For more information on Martin's piece, check out his blog here.

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