teen charged with murdering ex-girlfriend

Oh, man. Terrible story out of Massachusetts... In the town of Wayland, 18-year-old man is charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend in what prosecutors are calling an act of teenaged domestic violence: Wayland man, 18, charged with murdering ex-girlfriend and dumping her body in woods.

Nathaniel Fujita is accused of cutting the throat of Lauren Astley and dumping her body in the woods. According to authorities, she had recently broken off their three-year relationship. Appearing in court this week, Fujita pled not guilty to first degree murder charges and was ordered held without bail:
The body of Astley, 18, was found in a marsh off Route 27 Monday morning by a bicyclist.

Middlesex Assistant District McGovern said in court that Astley had a "gaping incision to the neck” and that her body was bound with at least one bungee cord around her neck

McGovern said that through interviews, phone records and an examination of the Fujita family home, investigators pieced together a strong case linking Fujita to the slaying.

"There was a strong case of premeditated murder... and attempts to cover up with what he had done," McGovern said in court.
More here: Nathaniel Fujita pleads not guilty to Lauren Astley murder. The evidence against Fujita is pretty damning. But the how could this happen? The murder has obviously shocked this community, but sadly, it appears to fit a fairly common scenario of teen dating violence. It's senseless. But I hope Lauren's death creates dialogue on ways to prevent tragedies like this: Were signs missed in Lauren Astley murder?

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