the great big wong gathering of 2011

So I've already mentioned the crazy Canadian Wong family crest, adorned with no less than a panda, a polar bear, a dragon, a phoenix and maple leaves.

Over the weekend they made it official at the Wongs' National Convention in Toronto, where hundreds of people named Wong arrived from across Canada, the United States, and even as far away as Hong Kong: That's a lot of Wongs.
It was all part of this weekend's Wong National Convention, an event gathering thousands of Wongs in an expression of family, friendship and solidarity, and put on by the Wong Kung Har Wun Sun Association, a 49-year-old organization that lends a helping hand to newcomer Wongs to Canada in connecting with community and navigating the sometimes-confusing landscape of a new land.

"It's a celebration of the accomplishments and achievements the Wongs in the Chinese community have made," said Caroline Wong, a director of the Wong Association. "It's an opportunity to renew past friendships and make some new friends... To consider where we’ve come from and the future."
The three-day celebration of Wong included a gathering on the Queen's Park Lawn, where over 300 -- or was it 500? there are differing accounts -- people posed for an expansive family photograph. More here: Hanging out with the Wong crowd.

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