guest post by adam warrock: the chinky eyed dance

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Eugene Ahn, aka nerdcore emcee Adam WarRock, with a very special song.

So Phil asked me to write one of his posts while he's away. As I sat down to write something substantive (his terms: it has to be sort of about Asian American stuff), I realized that I am a terrible writer. I honestly don't know how he, or any of you professional bloggers do it. I asked Phil if he'd let me take the easy way out and write a song.

While reading through the AAM archives, I had the great (mis)fortune of reading not one, but TWO posts about non-Asians doing that chinky-eye thing with their fingers for photos. The stories are here and here, and it made me... well, angry.

Look, I am the first to admit I am not the most strident activist when it comes to Asian American causes, but how people could see that this is anything but blatantly, hatefully and horribly racist is beyond me. They need to be put on blast, so I wrote this song. I hope you enjoy it. Here are the lyrics if you would like to read them.

I should mention that the beat is from Giant Panda's "Racist" track, a group that has Asian American members and whom I greatly enjoy. It was done as an homage to the song's spirit and title, and the group's amazing hip hop pedigree.

Enjoy, and let's hope this dance never, ever catches on.

Eugene Ahn makes hip hop as Adam WarRock, and is currently on a national tour with mc chris, MC Lars and Random. His music has been featured on many sites, most notably this one.

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