Guest Post Roundup

I am back, desperately hanging on to the final fading moments of my vacation. It was a relaxing, rejuvenating and much-needed break. Many thanks to all the guest bloggers who stepped up and shared all these great posts while I was away. In case you missed any, here's a recap of their contributions:

Adam WarRock: the chinky eyed dance

Jen Kwok: do what you've always wanted to do!

Beau Sia: the apia spoken word summit

Kai Ma: top 10 things that anger me in asia

Dave Liang: let a hundred flowers bloom (online)

Deanna Kitamura: top ten redistricting facts to share at dinner or any angry asian man event

KevJumba: shh! don't say those things!

Goh Nakamura: accents, act-sense

Warren Furutani: back in the day

Jane Lui: ms. craigslist

Wesley Chan: before we get there...

Jenny Yang: could you be a tragic perfectionist overachiever? 13 tips to get happy, already!

David Yoo: yellow snow

Grace Lee: youth is overrated

Emily Chang: the curse of the chinese school cheater

Eddie Lee: get your hopes up, our moment is now: a case for a new generation of asian american political leadership

Dumbfoundead: respect the OGs

Thanks again, everybody. I owe you all a drink. Now, back to blogging. It's going to take me a little while to return to my groove -- vacation might have been a little too relaxing. And I came home to a giant pile of emails. (Thanks a bunch, suckas.) Much to catch up on, so your patience is appreciated.

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