manny pacquiao custom g.i. joe action figure

Fans of both G.I. Joe and Manny Pacquiao... this one's for you. This was posted action figure forum a couple of months ago, and it's just too awesome not to share. Someone created a custom action figure of the Filipino boxing champ in the style of the old 1980s "A Real American Hero" line: The PAC-MAN Cometh!!! ARAH Manny Pacquiao MOC.

The Manny figure was made using a Quick Kick head, Sgt Slaughter torso, Sagat waist and thighs, and Big Boa feet and arms (and gloves). Kind of like a weird Frankenstein's monster action figure, but I think it looks pretty cool. They even made "A REAL FILIPINO HERO" package for the figure, complete with Manny's own G.I. Joe Command File:

Super-geeky, and I love it. See more photos here.

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