ken leung in unofficial talks for chew adaptation

So I'm a big fan of the comic book Chew, and I've been eagerly awaiting more news about the Showtime series that's been in the works Mainly, I'm interested in the script, and who will eventually play the live action version of the main character, cibopathic federal agent Tony Chu.

From the very beginning, creator John Layman has said that the comic book character's look is based on actor Ken Leung. And Ken Leung is a damn fine actor. But would he be interested in playing Tony Chu?

Here's a little nugget of news... At a recent star-studded Broadway reading of Dustin Lance Black's 8, EW caught up with Ken Leung and inquired about his possible involvement with the Showtime series. He confirmed that he has indeed been in talks with John Layman:
I sat down with Lost alum Ken Leung, who played Dr. William Tam in 8 and worked with director Mantello 13 years ago in Corpus Christi, as he finished his dinner. He told me his interest in LGBT issues came just from being a "fellow human being." I also asked him about his involvement in the rumored Showtime adaptation of the comic book Chew - he is indeed in talks with author John Layman, but nothing is official yet.
So it's not much to go on, and there's nothing official to report yet... but it's kind of hopeful, right? It's certainly a step in the right direction. Stay tuned. For more information about Chew the comic book, go to the official website here.

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