music video: "it's all good (to's diner)" by triangle offense

Still catching up on all my video-watching... Here's the recently-released music video for "It's All Good (TO's Diner)," the latest single from the Jersey City-based electrohop trio Triangle Offense. Just try to get that Suzanne Vega sample out of your head. Check it out:

The song was recorded by two of the members, Sci and Bry, here in the United States, while the third member, Pwol, contributed his part all the way from Manila, where he's attending med school. That's the power of the internet.

The track, which is available as a free download here, is from the group's forthcoming mixtape The First Love, the second chapter in a planned mixtape trilogy. For further information on Triangle Offense and their music, and to download their first mixtape The Courting, go to the group's website here.

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