bill paxton in talks to direct kung fu remake

They're making a movie remake of Kung Fu. I'm talking about Kung Fu, the old 1970s television series. The show is famously remembered for starring a white actor David Carradine, as a half-Chinese Shaolin monk. Whaaaaat.

Legend has it, the role of Kwai Chang Caine was originally conceived by and intended to star Bruce Lee, who was ultimately passed over by network execs who feared American audiences weren't quite ready for an Asian lead. Whaaaaaat.

Nope, still haven't let that one go. Never forget.

A Kung Fu feature film remake has actually been in the works for a while. They even sent out open casting calls for the role of Caine. But that was nearly three years ago, so I guess that version never got off the ground.

The latest news: actor Bill Paxton, star of HBO's Big Love, is in talks to direct a screen adaptation of Kung Fu, with a script by John McLaughlin, to shoot partly in China next summer: Bill Paxton In Talks To Direct 'Kung Fu.'

Lots of red flags, and I'm not sure what would even be the point. Is this really happening? The guy who played Chet in Weird Science is going to direct Kung Fu? Has anyone considered how strange that sounds?

But the real burning question: who will play Kwai Chang Caine? Would they consider casting someone of actual Asian descent? It's almost unthinkable!

Then again, as I've wondered before, wouldn't it be perversely fitting if they cast a Carradine-esque white guy in the role? The yellowface is such a big part of what I love to hate about Kung Fu. Then I could just go on hating.

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