election-related reading

Some interesting election-related articles from around the country...

Chinese-language press show influence in San Francisco mayoral election: "An Asian-American is expected to be elected mayor of San Francisco today and perhaps because of that, the Chinese-language media, most based in Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, are covering it closely not only for a foreign audience, but in San Francisco as well."

Voting Beyond Our Immediate Self-interest: "While I have blogged about both the mayoral candidate I support and my thoughts on Asian American Identity Politics, for this final pre-election post, I am focusing on what motivates our voting. Plain and simple, I believe that there are times when we must vote against our immediate financial and social self-interest and look toward long-term benefits for the common good."

Candidates in South Jersey reach out to South Asians: "South Asians are becoming more politically involved as their population grows in the Atlantic City area, where many run motels, drive cabs, work in casinos, and operate Boardwalk stores. In June, Rizwan Malik - a native of Pakistan - became the first South Asian to win a local election in Atlantic City when he defeated incumbent Dennis Mason in the Democratic primary for City Council."

As Chinatown goes to polls, support for Lee and Linehan in District 2 council race: "Chinatown may be Suzanne Lee's home turf. But a visit to one polling station today suggested that the longtime neighborhood resident faces a tough task unseating incumbent Bill Linehan of South Boston for the District 2 City Council seat."

Asian Indians to gain election help: "According to the latest data from the American Community Survey, about 21,000 South Asians living in Cook County speak Urdu, about 18,000 speak Gujarati, and another 18,000 speak Hindi. Bateman says Chicago has enlisted a data survey company to identify the precincts where Indian-Americans are concentrated. With the company’s help and through partnerships with local Asian American organizations, the office will determine which language to translate the written materials to."

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