get david choe's exclusive 11/11/11 print

Artist David Choe is offering fans this exclusive print to commemorate November 11, 2011 -- 11/11/11. But you must be one of the first 111 people, starting Friday at 11:11pm, to email him a very odd, specific set of requirements: Free David Choe Print on 11/11/11 Just Do What He Asks.
1) Proof of donating blood, sperm, organs, marrow, food, or money to any good cause or charity or also proof of consensual incestuous relationship is acceptable

2) Apology or confessional letter

3) Photograph of you crying (or laughing so hard it looks like your crying) next to a deformed fruit, or any ape, or a really old or really young Oriental person, or someone shitting or video of you dancing really hard in a crowded public area for at least 5 minutes is acceptable

4) Proof of something that shows you ever loved someone
If you know anything David Choe, or if you've seen the crazy-ass documentary Dirty Hands, you know that he's a very unique soul. So... how much is this print worth to you? For further information, go to the Giant Robot website here.

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