my new favorite band: monsters calling home

Monsters Calling Home is my new favorite band.

Granted, I have not heard much of their music. But I always walk away from Kollaboration shows feeling like I just discovered my favorite new act I'd never heard of before, and on Saturday night, they wowed the crowd with their raw, understated and heartfelt performance. A little Googling turned up this video of the band performing a tune called "Growing Up":

I really dig this song and their sound. Hailing from San Fernando Valley, and fronted by Alex Hwang, the band is "inspired by stories of immigrant families and the wildly appropriate 90s children TV show Aahh!!! Real Monsters." I don't know what that means, but I like it.

For more information on Monsters Calling Home and their music, check out the band's website here. Also see their Facebook page here and sample some tunes on Soundcloud here.

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