aisha khan found safe and unharmed

Last week in Kansas, authorities were alerted to the mysterious disappearance of 19-year-old college student Aisha Khan, who went missing Friday after texting to her sister about being harassed by a drunk man. Her family was certain she had been abducted, and an extensive search was launched, but turned up nothing.

However, on Wednesday, police confirmed that Aisha Khan has been found safe and unharmed. She wasn't abducted or held against her will. She is apparently okay and totally not kidnapped at all: Missing Kan. student Aisha Khan found safe, cops say she was never abducted.
The college student who disappeared Friday after reportedly being harassed by a drunk man, has been found safe. Police say she was never abducted.

The search for Aisha Khan, 19, who was last seen on the University of Kansas Edwards campus Friday, involved several law enforcement agencies. On Tuesday, her parents offered a $10,000 reward for information about her whereabouts.

But now officials believe Khan - with whom they reportedly spoke on Wednesday - was never the victim of a kidnapping. Where she was for five days remains a mystery, however, as police are thus far not releasing details.
This is great news, and I'm certainly glad she's okay... but the obvious question now is what actually happened to her, and where has she been since last Friday? Nobody, not even her family, seems to know. It's all very mysterious: Missing Kansas Student Aisha Khan Found Alive, Family Left Wondering.

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