family members testify in jet crash trial

This week in San Diego, surviving members of a familiy killed by a catastrophic jet crash testified in a federal court trial that will determine how much in damages should be paid out in compensation: Trial begins in Marine jet crash that killed family.

Three years ago, San Diego resident Don Yoon lost three generations of his family in an instant when a malfunctioning Marine fighter jet fell out of the sky and crashed into his home, killing his wife, two young daughters and his mother-in-law:
The crash killed Youngmi Lee Yoon, 36, the wife of Don; their children, 15-month-old daughter Grace and 7-week-old daughter Rachel; and Youngmi's mother, Seokim Lee, 59, the wife of Sanghyun.

The government has admitted responsibility for the crash. The trial is being held to determine how much in damages, including economic and non-economic losses, should be paid out.

The jet crashed into the family's rental house at 4416 Cather Ave. after experiencing what the Marine Corps later said was a mechanical failure that was compounded by a chain of wrong decisions by the pilot and ground crew.
More here: Man testifies about losing wife, kids in jet crash.

I can't imagine the excruciating loss Sanghyun Lee and Don Yoon have endured, and no amount of compensation seems like enough. Lawyers for the family say that the government, which has admitted responsibility for the deaths, should pay the family $56 million: Lawyers urge $56M for military jet crash survivors.

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