music student loses $172,000 on bus

Anybody lose a really expensive violin? Mu-Chen Hsieh is breathing a sigh of relief after recovering the $172,000 violin she left behind in the overhead compartment of a bus this week: Lost $172K Violin Found by Megabus.

The 19-year-old New England Conservatory music student was traveling from Boston to Philadelphia when she got off the Megabus... without her 1835 Italian-made violin. Fortunately, it didn't get too far before she tracked it down a few days later:
"She came back to the bus stop half an hour afterwards, but by then the vehicle had departed off on another journey," Bryony Chamberlain, director of Megabus.com, told ABC News. "We had to trace down what vehicle she'd been on and where the vehicle had ended up. The vehicle ended up in Camden just outside Philadelphia last night and the cleaners found the violin."

Hsieh, who is studying at the New England Conservatory in Boston, was traveling from Boston to Philadelphia with her 1835 Italian-made violin to stay with her host family for the holidays.

"It was a long ride, and I was really tired, and that's why I forgot it," Hsieh told ABC News Philadelphia affiliate, WPVI-TV.
I have a minor freakout when I can't remember where I put my cell phone. I can't imagine the panic Ms. Hsieh experienced during the two days the violin was missing. On the next bus ride, chain that case to your wrist. More here: Lost $170,000 Violin Reunited With Owner.

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