visions of astropolis, december 16

If you're in Chicago, I implore you to check out the premiere screening of Visions of Astropolis, an audio-visual collaboration between indie-rock/electro-pop artist XYZR_KX and visual artist Chien-An Yuan, described as "a hypnotic expedition into the vanishing dreams of a not so distant future."

What the heck does that mean? The evening will feature a live performance, videos and a special preview of the upcoming Visions of Astropolis sound and visual installation. It's happening this Friday, December 16 at Transistor in Chicago. And it's free. Here are some more details:
'Visions of Astropolis' Premiere Screening

Friday, December 16, 2011

Transistor Chicago
3819 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613

A 37-minute 10-part collaboration between visual artist Chien-An Yuan and musician XYZR_KX, 'Visions of Astropolis' is an hypnotic journey celebrating the lost dreams of the future - those inspired by the architectural and artistic visionaries, such as Buckminster Fuller and Oscar Niemeyer, of the 50-90's that fully utilized space age/ sci-fi concepts to help solve the problems of contemporary society.

Propelled by XYZR_KX's energetic and dynamic score, released as ‘Secession in Astropolis' on "Actually, Records.", 'Visions' realizes the intersection of sound and look of Utopian sci-fi in each segment, including the first-contact visuals of 'Cranes', NASA-like transmissions of 'Alternator', and time-loop surrealism of 'The Lower Sector'.

There will also be a special preview of the 19 minute ‘Ascent to Astropolis' sound and visual installation, which will premiere in 2012.

Featuring a special live performance from XYZR_KX!
From what I've seen and heard from this project, it's absolutely stunning. Pretty amazing stuff that will probably even better experienced outside of a YouTube player window. Check out this nice write-up they got from Chicagoist: 'Visions of Astropolis' Combines Art And Experimental Music.

For further information about Friday's screening, go to the Facebook event here. For more on Visions of Astropolis, including music and videos, go to the website here. And if you haven't picked up XYZR_KX's recently released album Secession in Astropolis, preview and download it here.

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