chinese zombies in resident evil 6 and li bingbing in resident evil: retribution trailer

Capcom recently unveiled a new trailer for Resident Evil 6, the upcoming latest edition of the popular video game series, promising that it's their biggest and baddest installment yet. The game deals with a global bio-terror outbreak, and part of the action takes place in China. You get a few glimpses in the trailer:

Does this mean that gameplay will involve killing hordes of Chinese zombies? Because we all know a Chinese zombie outbreak is the most dangerous of all zombie outbreaks. Resident Evil 6 is set for worldwide release on November 20. (Thanks, Ian.)

Meanwhile, Sony Pictures also recently dropped a new teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution. I honestly haven't been keeping track, but they've somehow gone and made five(!) of these movies. We get a short glimpse of Chinese actress Li Bingbing as Ada Wong, secret agent:

Wow. She's really going to be running around, shootin' guns in that extra-leggy red dress and heels. That can't be very comfortable for fighting the undead, but I'm sure you won't hear any of the teenage fanboys complaining.

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