disturbing video of asian man attacked in chicago

What. The. Fuck. Warning: this is an extremely violent video, apparently shot in Chicago, of seven guys viciously bullying and assaulting up a helpless Asian man in an alley. According to the posted YouTube info, the victim is saying, "Please no more. Don't hit me anymore please." It's really upsetting.

I don't know what happened before the video starts, but the guy doesn't obviously doesn't speak English, and looks like he was just jumped for no reason. The original video (posted by one of the dumbass assailants) was taken down, but someone posted another version here. Be warned -- it's extremely disturbing:

[UPDATE: The video keeps getting removed from YouTube, but I'll try to keep updating with newer versions.]

The video was posted on Reddit, where users have been adding info speculating about the video's origins and the identities of the attackers. According to some of the unsubstantiated comments, the attackers were both Asian and white teens.

According to some of the comments, people are saying this occurred near James Ward Elementary in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood. An address on a trash can in the video that said 2731 Shields St. The original video was posted today, so it looks like it was recent.

Can anyone else add more information? Police are investigating the assault, which is picking up a lot of attention because of this video, but no suspects are in custody yet. These sad sacks of humanity need to be brought to justice. More updates soon, hopefully. More here: Boy beaten, robbed in Bridgeport.

UPDATE: The updated Chicago Tribune story reports that police are questioning six youths about the attack. According to police, the attack did not appear to be racially motivated, and as of this morning, no charges have been filed yet: 6 questioned in Bridgeport beating caught on video.

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