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Ricky Pak is a student filmmaker who is working on Home, the first feature length thesis film produced for the new MFA Program in TV, Film, and Theatre at Cal State Los Angeles. It's described as a "classic haunted house story with an Asian American twist" -- a tale that will require, of course, some fundraising to come together. Check out this super-weird video asking for your help:

Freaky. Here are some more details about the story:
Home is a classic "haunted house" film with an Asian American twist. It tells the story of a brother and sister, left with the familial responsibilities to run their immigrant parents family dry cleaning business. Tragedy engulfs the family as the brother and sister grapple with the financial stress of running the business, their discovery of the possibility of a supernatural presence in the dry cleaners, and the disturbing fact that either the sister is slowly sliding into insanity, or that there is something even more sinister occurring.
This doesn't really sound like my kind of thing, but I truly respect what Ricky and Co. are attempting to create. And with your help, they'll make it happen. The goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of February. For further information on Home, and to make a pledge, head over to IndieGoGo here.

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