the walking dead re-imagined as a cheesy 1980s sitcom

This is for fans of The Walking Dead... Saw this on io9, got a big kick out of it: What if The Walking Dead was a heartwarming 1980s sitcom?

AMC's apocalyptic zombie drama, which includes Steven Yeun as Glenn, gets mashed up with the theme song to Growing Pains, and re-imagined as an impossibly upbeat 1980s-era sitcom. It's pretty amusing. Take a look:

Hey, if they're using that Cooper font, you know it's gotta a wacky fun time. Funny, for a show where smiles and good times are few and far between, they've somehow managed to gather and splice them all together for a feel-good opening credit sequence. All you need is Alan Thicke. Ah, what could have been.

The current season of The Walking Dead picks back up on February 12.

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