man murdered in home invasion robbery

More upsetting news out of the Philadelphia area... In Olney, yet another Asian victim was murdered last week in a vicious, gruesome home-invasion robbery.

40-year-old Sophos Siv was found in his home badly beaten, stabbed, gagged and bound with duct tape, dead from head trauma and two gunshot wounds: Police ID victims of murder-suicide, home invasion.

As of yet, there appears to be no indication that this murder was racially motivated. Siv was scheduled to be in court next month on charges in connection with a 2010 fight, and police are looking into the possibility that his murder was gang-related:
Siv, 40, whose wife found him bound and gagged with duct tape, badly beaten and shot twice inside their home at 2nd and Ruscomb streets, was arrested in 2010 in the fight and stabbing in Southwest Philadelphia.

The victim in that incident was stabbed several times in the chest and back and suffered a punctured lung, but survived, court records show.

Siv was to appear in court March 26 along with two other men in the 2010 incident.

He faced charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, criminal conspiracy and related offenses.
More here: Murder victim figured in gang fight. Whatever the reason, the violence is pretty shocking. And this is another serious and disturbing blow for Philadelphia's crime rate. People, please be safe.

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