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Jeremy Lin on Kobe Bryant, God, and His Fast Break to Fame: Jeff Yang was at Madison Square Garden on Friday night to witness Jeremy Lin and the Knicks' historic game against the Lakers. Yes, historic.

Lin's Appeal: Faith, Pride and Points: The New York Times' Michael Luo on how Jeremy Lin has given Asian Americans a popular sports figure to relate to.

Love Jeremy Lin Without Asian, Harvard, NBA Stereotypes: Hua Hsu: "It's a strange sensation seeing someone who looks like you in an unfamiliar space, particularly a space that radiates with the glow of minor celebrity."

See Jeremy Lin's impact through the inspired eyes of a child: It's only been a week since Linsanity came into our lives, but Jeremy Lin's impact has already become a profound inspiration to many in various walks of life.

Jason Whitlock: Expert On Asian Penises: On Friday night, as we all celebrated Jeremy Lin's phenomenal performance against the Lakers, Fox Sports writer Jason Whitlock took to Twitter to ruin the moment with a tasteless, racist comment.

AAJA MediaWatch Calls for Apology From Jason Whitlock: It didn't take long for the Asian American Journalists Association to call out Jason Whitlock, demanding an apology for his dumbass comment.

Whitlock sorry for Lin tweet: Whitlock responded with this gutless non-apology for having "debased a feel-good sports moment."

The Truth with Hasan Minhaj - Jeremy Lin: "Step your game up. You cannot have a neck tattoo and get dunked on by a guy who took calculus BC."

Just Lin, Baby! 10 Lessons Jeremy Lin Can Teach Us Before We Go To Work Monday Morning: Some lessons we can all learn from Jeremy Lin.

Early signs of Linsanity... Jeremy Lin was something special from the very start: "Before lighting a fire under the New York Knicks, before the Golden State Warriors or Houston Rockets, before even Harvard, Lin was a JLS Panther."

For Lin, Erasing a History of Being Overlooked: The story of Jeremy Lin's college recruitment illustrates how talent evaluators overlooked his ability even when he was young. Suckers.

The Couch: "@landryfields: Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only couch made famous by @JLin7! Let the bidding begin..."

Jeremy Lin: Even Kobe bows to his star power: After Friday night, I'm pretty sure Kobe Bryant is aware of Jeremy Lin and what he's capable of.

Metta to Lin: Get some swag: I'm not sure it's wise for Jeremy Lin to take advice from a grown man who renamed himself Metta World Peace, but this interview is pretty funny.

Erik Spoelstra impressed by Jeremy Lin: The Miami Heat's Erik Spoelstra, the first Asian American coach in the NBA, is pretty impressed with the barriers Jeremy Lin has been able to break.

MY LINJA! Limited Edition Tee: My Ninja! pays tribute to Asian America's basketball sensation with a limited edition t-shirt.

Jeremy Lin refers to Yao Ming as a friend and role model, who the 23-year-old sensation talks to after every game: Yao Ming is a friend and mentor to Jeremy Lin, who regularly grabs a meal with the retired Chinse NBA star when they're in the same city.

Decades before Lin's rise, Misaka made history for Asian-Americans: Basketball pioneer Wataru Misaka says of Jeremy Lin's success, "He doesn't need my encouragement. I'm just going to enjoy it like everyone else."

Knicks' Jeremy Lin Continues Domination of Social Media and NBA: Welcome to the Linternet. What we all previously knew as the internet as been officially taken over by #Linsanity.

'Saturday Night Live' and the Curious Absence of Jeremy Lin: Linsanity, however, got no love on Saturday Night Live.

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