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Lin's amazing story gets a thrilling finish: The Linsanity train shows no signs of slowing down, with Jeremy Lin sinking a thrilling, come-from-behind three-point buzzer beater to put Knicks on top of the Toronto Raptors, 90-87.

Jeremy Lin's Postgame Interview - Knicks@Toronto - 02.14.2012 : Jeremy's post-game interview, which includes a big, happy smooch ("MWA!") from teammate Landry Fields.

The Jeremy Lin Phenomenon: Our friend Jeff Yang of the Wall Street Journal drops some "Linsanity" on PBS Newshour.

Jeremy Lin matters to Kyle: "Like most Americans, my 31/2 - year-old son Kyle had never seen an Asian-American basketball player in the NBA. Pointing at Lin, he shouted, "That's me! He looks like me!"

Will Lin-sanity tame Tiger Moms? "The secret to Lin's success seems to have been a combination of high expectations and unconditional support — a kind of tiger-panda hybrid, if you will."

I've been seeing several variations on this graphic (credit: Michael Kang) passed around. Remember this photo of the 2008 Spanish Olympic basketball team? For those keeping score.

Tebow comparisons not fair to Jeremy Lin; he's much better story: "Jeremy Lin came from nowhere in a league where nobody comes from nowhere. He is a better story than Tim Tebow, and that's not a shot at Tebow. At the moment, Lin is a better story than anybody else in pro sports."

The Jeremy Lin Backlash: "It's true that if he were black this would probably be a smaller story, but if he weren't talented it would not be be a story at all."

Opinion: Man to man defense: "As a father of two young sons myself, all of us big fans of Number 17, I’m hoping that continued success as a player and as a person will put Lin's quiet brand of masculinity on the map."

Lin-Glorious Bastard: "What I fear, I’m beginning to realize now, is that beneath this Linsanity is an invitation for others to preserve these safe archetypes, confirmed as they are in such a novel and visible and accommodating source."

Jeremy Lin and the limitations of the 'hard-working Asian American narrative: "We are not Jeremy Lin. Rather, the triumphal narrative here is that the rest of the world now has some small clue about our own miscellany, our own idiosyncrasies and beliefs."

REAL.BIG. Fathead Wall Graphics: Because really, what fan wouldn't want a gigantic, life-sized graphic of Jeremy Lin on their bedroom wall.

Jeremy Lin: Basketball Star and Business Sensation: "Nike will soon roll out a new promotional campaign built around Lin, industry sources say - the first of what is expected to be a parade of endorsements featuring the 23-year-old point guard."

Knicks’ 'Linsanity' Reaches Trademark Office as Winning Streak Goes On: No! This is totally outrageous. "Linsanity" belongs to all of us.

Who Wants to Shell Out $500,000 to Buy a Useless Jeremy Lin Domain Name? YOMYOMF rounds up some of the most ridiculous domain names for sale in an attempt to cash in on Jeremy Lin's meteoric popularity.

Dear MSG And Time Warner Cable: Eat A Bag Of Salted Dicks: "Linsanity reached a fever pitch last night, and judging from Twitter, all of North America saw it happen. Not me. I can't watch the most exciting thing to happen to the NBA in years, and I can't watch any Knicks games because I live in New York."

HEY GIRL, IT'S JEREMY LIN: Because Ryan Gosling can't jump.

#Linsanity, The Valentine's (Or VaLintine's) Day Edition: Who Should Be Jeremy Lin's Basketball Wife? Disgrasian gets to the heart of the matter, playing matchmaker with possible mates for Jeremy Lin.

When Jeremy Lin takes over your team: Drew Housman, former point guard for Harvard, recounts when "a scrawny freshman with no jumpshot" joined the team -- and displaced him as star player.

Obama tracking court exploits of NBA's Jeremy Lin: This doesn't go as far as to say that Barack Obama has succumbed to "Linsanity," but the President is indeed aware of and following Jeremy Lin's sensational story.

Pro Basketball's First Asian-American Player Looks At Lin, And Applauds: Before Jeremy Lin, waaaaaaay before Linsanity, there was Wat Misaka, the first non-Caucasian player in U.S. pro basketball.

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