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The Evolution of a Point Guard: "Quite simply, the Jeremy Lin who revived the Knicks, stunned the NBA and charmed the world - the one who is averaging 22.4 points and 8.8 assists as a starter - is not the Jeremy Lin who went undrafted out of Harvard in June 2010. He is not even the same Jeremy Lin who was cut by the Golden State Warriors on Dececember 9."

'A great rags-to-riches story': A fellow Asian-American, Spoelstra enjoying Lin's rise: Lest you forget, the Knicks/Heat game also meant another win for the NBA's first Asian American coach, Miami's Erik Spoelstra, who also happens to be enjoying the Jeremy Lin story.

A Question of Identity: Grantland's Jay Caspian Kang has written one of the best essays I've read thus far in the Jeremy Lin Era (aka the last three weeks).

Dear America: Please Don't Ruin Jeremy Lin's Story: "I'm sending you a plea on behalf of all Asian Americans. I know you're caught up in Linsanity just like we are. It's a beautiful thing to watch you gaze with jaws dropped at the exploits of the first Asian American marquee player in NBA history. But we really need this to continue, so it's very important that you let us help you learn how not to ruin it."

What Should Linsanity Look Like? "A New York hero of Jeremy Lin's magnitude calls for a graphic treatment that is both tasteful and revolutionary. So we are holding a design competition, open to all, but especially to members of the graphic-design community - let's rescue Linsanity from aesthetic mediocrity."

Jeremy Lin, race and lessons learned: "Just as the abundance of low-scoring games showed what happens when NBA teams have limited training camp, the inappropriate words some have used to describe Jeremy Lin demonstrate how ill-prepared the culture at large was for an Asian-American playing in the NBA."

Our Jeremy Lin opportunity: Jeremy Lin's emergence is an opportunity to re-examine old wounds in the American psyche.

Linsanity leads to understanding: "I'm thankful for "Linsanity" because it is creating an awareness of Asian stereotypes and is educating people about slurs they may not have known -- or cared -- about."

AAJA MEDIA ADVISORY ON JEREMY LIN NEWS COVERAGE: AAJA with some helpful guidelines for media outlets "to ensure fair, accurate and sensitive portrayals of Lin and others who are Asian American."

On Yahoo! Contributor Network, this fan's recap of last night's game inexplicably uses an old photo of LeBron James... and Yao Ming?

Top Maryland football recruit offers up incredibly offensive Jeremy Lin tweet: Stefon Diggs, a top high school football recruit out of Maryland, had some typically racist bullshit to offer on Twitter after last night's game.

Jeremy Lin
KNBR 1050 Promotes Racist Jokes Against Jeremy Lin
: Last week on KNBR 1050's Nick and Artie show, the host urged listeners to call in with the most racist Asian and Jeremy Lin jokes they could think of. Seriously.

Ben & Jerry's launches 'Lin-Sanity' flavor, takes out fortune cookie ingredient: Ben & Jerry's has reportedly revised the recipe for their new Jeremy Lin-spired ice cream flavor -- and removed the fortune cookies.

Jeremy Lin Won't Be an Olympian. At Least Not for Team USA: This article, speculating whether or not Jeremy Lin will play for China in the Olympics, is completely pointless.

The Christian Nerd High Five: A handy graphical breakdown of teammates Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields' dorky pre-game ritual.

Dave Hyde: Heat's Haslem tells a story that puts Lin's run with Knicks in context: Jeremy Lin's story is, among many other things, a story of faith.

The Secretary of Education on Jeremy Lin: U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan -  - also a former Harvard standout basketball player -  - explains why Jeremy Lin's story means so much.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer: What Jeremy Lin, Basketball Teach Us About Sex: Okay, even Dr. Ruth has something to say about Linsanity.

APA Challenge: Top Contenders to Play Jeremy Lin in the Inevitable Biopic: Asia Pacific Arts editor Ada Tseng shares her ridiculously handsome top pick to play the title role in the invitable Jeremy Lin movie.

Why The Ladies Are Lin Love: From YouTube valentines to Twitter marriage proposals, love for Jeremy Lin goes beyond sports fandom.

A signed Jeremy Lin rookie card goes for $21,580 on eBay: Yes, for the price of a small automobile, you can purchase a Jeremy Lin-signed National Treasures rookie trading card.

Linsanity Hits Bookstores: Jeremy Lin: The Reason for the Linsanity, to be penned by Timothy Dalrymple for Hachette Book Group, will be the first Lin-stant book trying to cash in on Number 17's burgeoning popularity.

Digital Linsanity: Jeremy Lin e-books flood the market: There currently at least eight e-books (and counting) about Jeremy Lin available on Amazon.com, no doubt slapped together for a quick buck in the sudden ake of Linsanity.

Jeremy Lin a slam dunk for Spirit Air promotion: Spirit Airlines has jumped on the basketball bandwagon, taking advantage of the hype around Jeremy Lin with slogans offering "Linsanely low fares," and urging travelers to "Book now with slam dunk fares that will put your bench-warming days behind you."

An Assist Puts Lin in the W: Welcome to Jeremy Lin's new home, a furnished condo on the 38th floor of the residences at the W New York Downtown Hotel.

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