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The 100 Most Influential People in the World: Jeremy Lin: New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin -- maybe you've heard of him? -- leads off TIME's annual list of The 100 Most Influential People in the World.

The 100 Most Influential People in the World: Ai-jen Poo: Also, hell yes. Congratulations to community organizer Ai-jen Poo, whose integral work with the National Domestic Workers Alliance eventually led to New York's drafting its first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, for making on TIME's list.

South L.A., Twenty Years Later E. Tammy Kim interviews people who lived through the 1992 Los Angeles riots, seeking to find what's changed and what's remained the same, twenty years later.

The Real Reason Why Asian Americans Are Outmarrying Less: Recently, the New York Times published this article on the rise of Asian Americans marrying other Asian Americans, and suggests that they do so because they want to preserve their "culture." Jeff Yang responds.

New Study Shows Black Women Confront Racists, While Asian Women Just Feed Them Nasty Jellybeans: A recent study concludes that African American women are more likely to be direct in confronting racism, while Asian women retaliate indirectly... like, by offering jellybeans flavored like vomit. Women of Disgrasian, we're doing some serious side-eye at this study, too.

Koji's Column: Top 10 Iconic Japanese American Photos: Koji Steven Sakai tells his own Japanese American history through photos.

April Issue: Randall Park Reflects on the Riots: Here's another reflection on the Los Angeles riots, this time from actor Randall Park.

The Amy Senser trial and making a case for the real victim: Anousone Phanthavong: Amy Senser goes on trial this week for three counts of vehicular homicide after her car hit Lao American Anousone Phanthavong and dragged his body 40 feet. She fled the scene, and he didn't survive. The Lao community demands justice for the victim's family, and for the community itself.

Lessons for my 5 year old, the tragedies at Oikos and Virginia Tech: Ricky Choi reflects on the Virginia Tech and Oikos University tragedies and the lessons he can teach to his daughter.

Be the Change: Vy Nguyen and the Bay Area Hunger Walk: Meet Vy Nguyen, who is running the 2012 Bay Area Hunger Walk, in which 11 communities walk together to fight hunger.

Maya Lin invites and challenges visitors to her website to help improve Earth's well-being Maya Lin's What is Missing? is the fifth and last of her memorial projects (the first was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial). Here, she invites her audience to contribute in very compelling ways.

'Taking the Wast Out of Wastewater': Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu talks about the issues behind her latest documentary feature, Last Call at the Oasis.

Odd Couple: China Meets Hollywood Hollywood and China team up to make more profit in the movie industry, but meet many cultural hurdles.

The American Dream, Alive and Well in China: Producer Janet Yang on her latest project, Shanghai Calling, what Americans get wrong about China and why the Chinese version of High School Musical was lost in translation.

Q&A: Big Baby Gandhi On Rap Battling At Nine, Rebelling In The Facebook Era, And Getting Das Racist's Attention With Negative YouTube Comments: Really, what the title says.

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