some more details about the oikos university shooter

Some more information on the fatal mass shooting in Oakland, where a gunman killed six women and one man at a small Christian college. Some details have begun to emerge about the background of the shooter, who was a former student at the school: Troubled History Emerges for Suspect in Fatal Oakland Attack.

43-year-old One L. Goh was a former nursing student at Oikos University, but apparently dropped out after having some problems with classmates. On Monday, he returned to the school with a semiautomatic handgun and killed seven people in an execution-style classroom shooting:
The authorities were trying to piece together the events that might have led to the shootings. Officer Johnna Watson, a spokeswoman for the Oakland police, said the handgun used in the attack was bought legally by Mr. Goh this year.

Mr. Goh told the police that he had gone to the school looking specifically for the administrator. Not finding her, he took another school official hostage and took her into the nursing classroom, Officer Watson said.

He ordered the students to line up against a wall, but before they could he started shooting them one by one, Officer Watson said. Six women and one man were killed. Mr. Goh then went to other classrooms looking for additional victims before fleeing in a car he stole from a student, Officer Watson said.

It was not clear why he had sought the administrator.

"He was very upset," Officer Watson said. "He had been teased by his classmates because his English was not very good and that angered him; he says that made him very mad."
Goh surrendered to police at a grocery store in Alameda, a few miles away from the college. According to authorities, he showed little remorse about the shooting, and expressed anger about his expulsion from the school. More here: Suspected gunman One Goh: Doting son, angry over his college expulsion.

I have to say it: I'm sick of this shit. Yet another angry Asian gunman splashed across the news headlines. It sounds like things were not working out for this guy, and my heart goes out to anyone having a hard time getting by... but I find it impossible to sympathize with anyone driven to do something like this.

That said, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

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