coffee-throwing man surrenders to police

In Philadelphia, the man who hurled a cup of hot coffee at a donut shop employee last week has turned himself in to authorities: Alleged coffee thrower surrenders to police.

52-year-old David Timbers was caught on camera getting into an argument with a woman working the counter at Fresh Donuts before throwing a cup of hot coffee at her face. The victim, Sok Caea, suffered severe burns on her arm.

Timbers surrendered at police headquarters late Monday afternoon:
When the employee hands him a cup of coffee in the video, he takes it and hurls it back at her, prompting pained squeals from behind the counter, and walks out, cursing at a bystander who tries to intervene. Police said the employee suffered severe burns.

After the surveillance video was released, the Southwest Detective Division was flooded with tip calls identifying the suspect as Timbers, police said late last week.

Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives said Monday he surrendered to police with a lawyer present. He'll likely face charges including aggravated assault and related offenses. Timbers, of Mantua, has not yet been officially charged.
Timbers was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, possession of an instrument of crime -- the hot coffee -- and reckless endangerment. Congratulations, Mr. Timbers. You're officially on the books as an asshole, all over $2.40: Accused Coffee Thrower Makes Bail.

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