fund this: spoiler alert by george shaw

Our composer pal George Shaw is working on a new concept album, Spoiler Alert, a full-length album of dramatic orchestral music inspired by the epic films he loves. He's currently fundraising for the project, and recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs. Here's a video with George talking about the album:

Here's some more information about Spoiler Alert:
The inspiration for my new studio album "Spoiler Alert" comes from working with young musicians like the ones in The Irvine Young Concert Artists Orchestra. Through my experiences recording with them and musicians like David Choi, I realized that linking their social media interests with their musical ones would be a new and exciting way to further their education. Not only would young musicians be able to record a professional studio album, but they would also be able to use music to connect with each other through online videos of their session.

"Spoiler Alert" as a concept asks the question, "What kind of music would entice me to watch a film?" The album will feature short tracks like those you would hear in trailers for epic and dramatic films. As a composer, some of my favorite cinematic scores are "Star Wars" by John Williams, "Back to the Future" by Alan Silvestri and "The Incredibles" by Michael Giacchino and as you can imagine, having the privilege of being hired to compose at that level is a career goal of mine.

Our Kickstarter campaign proceeds will go towards a June recording date at The Bridge Studios in Glendale, CA, the mixing/mastering, hiring a graphic designer to do the album artwork and duplicating CDs of the album. Any funds beyond our goal will go towards additional recording/mixing, hiring a documentary camera crew to shoot and edit video of the recording session, and other miscellaneous costs in producing an album. Thank you all in advance and I hope to bring you "Spoiler Alert" this summer!
George is a talented composer, and a nice guy on top of that. It's great to see him put his skills and time toward working with young musicians. To see videos of George in action, or to make a pledge, go to his Kickstarter campaign here. And for further information on George's work, visit his official website here.

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