music video: "the ikea song" by brad go

This is pretty sweet. Singer Brad Go takes you on an average, everyday musical adventure through your favorite furniture store (or is it someone's Swedishly furnished home?) in the music video for "The Ikea Song"... or is it an IKEA commercial? Doesn't matter. It's pretty darn fun. Take a look:

Curious about all the items you see in the video? You can click through the product names in the lyrics to other videos where a man named David Ikeasson helpfully epxlains all the Swedish. In case you were wondering about how to properly pronounce an umlaut.

The video was directed by Lawrence Chen, whose work I've spolighted here before (including the fantastic, haunting music video for "Bottom of the River" by Delta Rae). Once again, great stuff.

For more information on Brad Go and his music, check out his official website here and follow him on Facebook here. His new EP Whiskey Rose will be out on May 29.

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