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Lin on return to Rockets: 'It's been an unbelievable ride': Unceremoniously waived by the Rockets on Christmas Eve 2011, Jeremy Lin didn't need much of a reintroduction when he returned to Houston this week.

RocketShop.com: You can already pre-order your Jeremy Lin Rockets jersey.

Houston braces for Linsanity: "The Rockets not only filled a position of need, but also snagged a player who might re-establish the franchise in Asia, where the team enjoyed massive popularity during Yao Ming's career."

The Truth About Jeremy Lin: Jeremy Lin became a Houston Rocket this week, and Knicks fans are outraged. The reaction has been ridiculous on all sides, really. But don't let it ruin Jeremy Lin for you.

The Knicks Are Even Dumber Than You Think: The NBA is designed to protect teams from their own stupidity. Here's how New York Knicks lost Jeremy Lin anyway.

Botched Linsanity By Knicks Squanders Special Story: "No one ever said Jimmy Dolan, the inscrutable owner of the New York Knicks, was any kind of genius. But his magnificently botched effort to re-sign Jeremy Lin, the young point guard who had blossomed into an international sensation, has taken him to previously unexplored depths of mental deficiency."

MSG stock dives following Jeremy Lin's departure, after an initial upshot in the wake of 'Linsanity': Jeremy Lin's departure from the New York Knicks has apparently had a detrimental impact on MSG stock.

James L. Dolan: The hate-on for Jim Dolan continues, with this elaborate fake wiki page for the Knicks owner's fictitious great-great-great grandfather, James Leland Dolan.

The Jeremy Lin Debate No One Wants to Have: "The New York Knicks letting Jeremy Lin walk out the door -- for nothing -- was the dumbest decision in the history of professional sports." What did race have to do with it?

Linsanity, Ann Curry, and a New America Media award: "Imagine if Lin were white or black, would the Knicks have been willing to pay whatever they needed to keep him? Or was it just too easy to go back to stereotypical thinking, play the odds and say the chances of an Asian American achieving what Lin did in 2012 just wasn't going to happen?"

You're Clicking on This Because It Says "Jeremy Lin" and You're Asian.: These were the same fans that rooted for Jeremy Lin a few months ago. You can't turn racism on and off like a switch. So, can we be honest about race?"

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