Meet Ryan Lochte's Sister, Racist Dumbass

Megan Lochte wins a gold medal in racist ignorance.

Seriously, how many times can you say "chink" in one interview?

Okay, so this clip is four years old, and I'm sure it wouldn't be on anyone's radar if not for the fact that the person in question is Megan Lochte, sister of Olympic swimming gold medalist Ryan Lochte. And dude, it turns out Ryan Lochte's Sister Is a Raging Racist Douchebag.

In 2008, after attending the Olympic Games in Beijing, Megan Lochte appeared on a Maryland late night comedy talk show called Closing Time. In this four and a half minute clip, she cannot stop saying "chink" while telling a truckload of anecdotes that demonstrate her phenomenal ignorance:

No word on how Megan's comedy career is going. Jezebel points out that Ms. Lochte's Facebook page indicates that she studied "Multicultural Marketing" at the University of Maryland. Now that's funny. That's racist!

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