"osu haters" exposes ohio state's racist tweets

This Tumblr has been around for several months, but only recently and suddenly went viral, as these things do... OSU Haters compiles and exposes hateful and racially intolerant tweets from students at Ohio State University.

Scrolling through the tweets -- some are aggressive, some are just oh-so-casually racist -- there's plenty to get angry about, though nothing particularly surprising. What's really astounding is how stupidly public some of them are.

To the authors of these tweets, did you really think no one would take you to task for being such publicly hateful human beings? I guess not. Many of the offending Twitter accounts have now been deleted or made private.

I don't think Ohio State University is a special case. Unfortunately, I've seen enough to know that there are students like this on campuses across the country. That said, will OSU Haters inspire similar Hater-exposing Tumblrs?


UPDATE: Students at Ohio State are organizing a town hall meeting to address the problems identified by OSU Haters Tumblr. It's happening Tuesday, September 4 at the Multicultural Center: Ohio State No Place For Hate: OSU Haters Tumblr.

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