somebody did it: "gooks of hazzard" t-shirt

You've got to be kidding me. This is apparently a real shirt, courtesy of Baker Skateboards. TMZ, of all outlets, is on it: Backlash Over Asian Slur T-Shirt.

If you can't tell, that's supposed to be two Asian guys hanging out of a car painted up like the General Lee ("General Li") from The Dukes of Hazzard, Confederate flag and everything. The "Gooks" in question are pro skaters Don 'The Nuge' Nguyen and Daniel Shimizu. Classy.

"Gook" is a racial slur, plain and simple. Whoever thought this it was a good idea to celebrate this racist bullshit on a shirt is an ignorant moron. And everyone else who failed to tell him or her it was a bad idea along the way is also a moron. More here: "Gooks Of Hazzard" T-Shirt Upsets Asians.

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