The Akira Project

Considering the endless stream of crap we've heard over the years about Warner Brothers' disastrous attempts to produce a live-action adaptation of Akira, this feels like a breath of fresh air...

The Akira Project is an attempt to create a high-end, fan-made live action trailer based on the Akira manga and anime, headed up by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen. To what end? Just because. By fans, for fans.

Of course, this will require money and resources. So there's the requisite IndieGoGo campaign. Here's the pitch video:

These folks are definitely true fans, and doing this out of love for Akira. The goal is to raise $7500 by September 5. If you feel inclined to pitch in a few bucks to help them out, make a pledge here. And for further information, visit the Akira Project website here. (Thanks, Victor.)

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